Gouranga baby!

vandaag werd mijn mailbox opgevrolijkt door dit stukje spam.

Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ….
That which brings the highest happiness!!

Ik ben een vreselijk nieuwsgierig mens, dus ik ging op zoek.

– Blijkbaar kreeg Littl-Q hem al eerder, net als de Zeveraar.

– Gouranga is al een tijd very fashion op bruggen in Groot-Brittannië. Foto hier.

– Er zijn verschillende verklaringen, ik beperk me tot een persoonlijke top 5.

5. Het commerciële verhaal

“In the infamous-at-the-time computer game Grand Theft Auto the award for sucessfully running down an entire group of Krishna followers was known as the ‘Gouranga bonus’.”

4. De praktische uitleg

“If you say Gouranga, then you are smiling. Like cheese. Try it in the mirror.”

3. De wishful-thinking uitleg

“Many of the posters (usually ones at roundabouts for some reason) have an unmistakeable “cannabis leaf” symbol and the text “Call out Gouranga – be happy”. Could it be an ad campaign for an illegal home delivery service?”

2. De wiskundige verklaring

“Gouranga = GOURmet + gANGA. next!”

En op 1 : de als-ge-da-nie-gelooft-maak-ik-u-wel-iets-anders-wijs-uitleg.

“I am the man who does it. I began in the Northwest in the late 80s and have been posting bridges now for 13 years all over England. Gouranga is a state of mind that can be induced by simply saying the word. Now you have been reprogrammed. Its like me saying “don’t think of a pink elephant”. You can’t help it. So, gouranga … the world is a better place. I was prompted to begin my campaign following a tragic loss of a loved one from which I thought I would never recover. Of course I did, and ever since I have wanted to ‘pass it on’. Pass it on.”

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